Based in Turin, Europe

Senior Security Researcher &
Penetration Tester at Hacktive Security

Let me introduce myself

Paolo Stagno, Cyber Security Researcher & Penetration Tester.

"Some things in life are unpredictable, your Security doesn’t have to be one of them"

  • Paolo Stagno
  • July 26, 1993

Something more about me

Paolo Stagno, aka VoidSec, is a is a Cyber Security Researcher.

He is a consultant specialized in Cyber Security Research, Penetration Test, Cybercrime, Vulnerability Assessment, Network and Application Security for a wide range of clients across top tier international bank, major companies and industries.

He is attending as speaker for various international conferences, like: DEFCON, Black Hat, Droidcon.

He is also the leader and founder of

Certified eWPT, eWPTX, eJPT, attendig PWD certification


Offensive Security
Web Application VA/PT
Network Application VA/PT
Red team & Social Engineering
Underground Intelligence
Reverse Engineering

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